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lol, i try to make life easy :P
that's better. i hate white backgrounds. everytime i go to facebook i blind myself
how bout that?
Yeah the white around boxes is kinda frightening, Maybe try to change it for a shade of grey?
like the new layout less all the white around these boxes.

Who would've Thok!?

Adauchi a posted Aug 5, 14
Who would've Thok!?

10 down, 4 to go!

Camarath posted May 22, 14

9/14!!!! w00t!!!

Camarath posted May 6, 14
Russenallen Carry me!
Castore gratz on the win guys
Galilei Good work guys! Cam's headings are much more enthusiastic than mine were.
Heroic Nazgrim
Russenallen I am really happy that you guys have been able to make it this far! (Its probly thanks to me not being there anymore ). ...
Adauchi a Congratulations guys.
Heroic SHamen
Adauchi a I wish I was in this picture :'[
Castore congrats you guys nice job
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