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wont be on tonight work called me in. And i wont be on next tuesday as well school week happy raiding
novemeber 13 = 14/14H clear:P ???
Hey all I have relatives that are gonna be in town just for today I wont be on tonight sorry
Not because that I miss playing that I will play in the future. I had fun with you guys and still remember it, but my hobbies changed.
Then why did you say you aren't going to play Warlords/raid mythic with us?
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New Wallpaper We’ve just released a new wallpaper image featuring art from 章彦末 (注册君/Zhuce). New Costumes We've updated our costume gallery with thirteen Warcraft-themed costumes. New Warcraft Fan Art The Wor...
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"We will never be slaves! But we will be conquerors…" The pit lord Mannoroth is dead. Gul'dan and his followers are in chains. In one night, Grommash Hellscream exposed and thwarted the forces that meant to subjugate the orcs. In on...
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The clock is ticking for those interested in taking part in the online qualifiers for North America*. In order to be eligible, teams need to have an individual 3v3 Arena rating of 2,500 on the live realms by August 25, 2014 at 10 a.m. PD...
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Who would've Thok!?

Adauchi a posted Aug 5, 14
Who would've Thok!?

10 down, 4 to go!

Camarath posted May 22, 14

9/14!!!! w00t!!!

Camarath posted May 6, 14
Russenallen Carry me!
Castore gratz on the win guys
Galilei Good work guys! Cam's headings are much more enthusiastic than mine were.
Heroic Nazgrim
Russenallen I am really happy that you guys have been able to make it this far! (Its probly thanks to me not being there anymore ). ...
Adauchi a Congratulations guys.
Heroic SHamen
Adauchi a I wish I was in this picture :'[
Castore congrats you guys nice job
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